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It had been some time since Chasity had been to a dentist and after research and reading many reviews Chasity came to see Dr Michaelson. Once a thorough examination and xrays were done, Dr Michaelson created a treatment plan with several phases involving a series of cleaning, and restoring her teeth. Chasity’s main concern was how much her teeth were discolored. Dr Michaelson explained she had existing bonding’s that were discolored and worn down. He recommended removing the old bonding’s and placing veneers to give her a natural look. Once the series of cleanings were completed, Chasity had her teeth whitened with Zoom in office, Dr Michaelson then placed 4 esthetic porcelain veneers on her front teeth. A night guard was recommended to keep Chasity from grinding and clenching her teeth and help with the longevity of her veneers and her natural teeth. Chasity has a beautiful smile and it was all done in 3 appointments.

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