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Bridgette- Veneers and Crown

Bridgette came into to see Dr Michaelson for a full exam and consult. Bridgette had old bonding's on her front teeth that were discolored with recurrent decay. Dr Michaelson recommended a combination of treatment to restore the teeth that had cavities and also improve her smile with some cosmetics. After a series of cleanings Dr Michaelson recontoured Bridgette's gumline with a laser to make it more even then whitened her teeth with Zoom In Office. Dr Michaelson then placed 2 esthetic porcelain crowns with 2 veneers adjacent. These 4 restorations changed the shade, shape, length, and they look so straight. Bridgette now has a beautiful smile and didn't even need have braces.
Lanny Is thrilled with his smile makeover!
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