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Billy- Porcelain Veneers and Bridge

Billy came in to see Dr Michaelson for a smile makeover consult. Billy's concerns were, he was missing a front tooth(lateral), his teeth were yellow and discolored, and they all had different shapes. Billy's laterals were never formed, on his right side he had a space and on the left his canine has shifted into the lateral space. Billy started treatment with Zoom in office whitening, then Dr Michaelson recontoured his gums with a laser to make the smile line more even. Dr Michaelson prepared 8 of Billy's teeth with a combination of esthetic porcelain veneers, crowns and bridge to close up the space. Dr Michaelson was able to create a smile that now shows Billy with both of his laterals as if he was never missing them. Billy's smile makeover, brightened his smile, changed the shape and sizes of all his teeth and gave him the perfect smile he has always wanted.

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