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Amy - 6 Month Smiles and Porcelain Veneers

Amy was a student at UCF and was looking into having a smile makeover. She had many tooth colored fillings that had discolored through out the years which made it hard for her to smile. After an examination with Dr Michaelson, Amy was given a choice of doing 6 month smiles orthodontics and 4 veneers or no orthodontics and do 8 veneers. Dr Michaelson explained wearing braces would allow him to align the teeth in a perfect arch in which only 4 veneers would be needed to achieve her goal in a beautiful smile. Amy decided to wear braces and was out of them in as little as 5 months. Zoom Whitening was done the 4 esthetic porcelain veneers were made to match and placed by Dr Michaelson. Amy now has the confidence to smile and laugh from here on out.

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Patient Testimonial:Tammy loves her new smile!